Soap Challenge Club Ghost Swirls

This challenge was very informative in the technical aspects of soap making. We had to use no colorants yet create a design. We learned that you can change the lye concentrations and that will give different shades to the soap.

Here is my entry, I’m Naked


I think it turned out pretty well. My first attempt was not quite so good. Though it looks really cool I think I either mixed up the lye solutions or I forgot to update the soapcalc with the amount of oils. It was oily when pulled from the mold and parts of it were crumbling apart. If you look closely, the soaps are sitting in a puddle of oil. That’s just what was still oozing out after cutting them! It was a hot mess.

2 thoughts on “Soap Challenge Club Ghost Swirls

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  1. Lots to learn just from adjusting the water amounts! Your entry soap looks fantastic and the design is quite interesting! I hope you were able to rebatch the first one to get usable soap at least. 🙂

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  2. Thanks Amy! I don’t know how to rebatch, but I thought about looking it up. Since I wasn’t sure if I made a mistake in the actual measurements of the lye to oil I wasn’t sure if that would be a problem so I tossed it. 😿


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